Thursday, August 20, 2009



Fear is the root of nearly all problems we face in life. Fear leads to hate and violence. Most of the acts of crime are committed because of fear or greed embedded inside an individual or a community. To build a fearless and crimefree society, the members of public and all sections of the society should become the shareholders and partners of the company we call “SAFE SOCIETY ". There are 5 basic steps to build a fearless society.

1. DETERMINATION:- Determination is the first and foremost step everyone has to take to succeed in his or her life. If we want to be safe and build a fearless society, it is vital to inculcate this positive feeling. If we take a firm decision that we will be safe, we will be fearless we will become so. The police personnel have also to take the firm decision that they will make this society fearless. It is their onerous responsibility too. Otherwise, as great Kautilya had ordained "if the policeman in whose area crime is committed and he is not able to retrieve the stolen property or solve the case within the prescribed time limit, he will be held personally accountable to pay the price". In medieval time the King Sher Shah Suri had made the village head accountable for any crime committed in his village jurisdiction. Many enquiry commissions probing communal riots had also suggested to impose collective fine on a particular locality in a city or village unable to maintain communal harmony.

2. BOLDNESS:- The second step for a fearless society is that every member of the society as well as Police must be fearless. From every day example we know that if we are scared of a dog standing nearby, the dog will bark and chase us but if we are fearless, our vibrations will also affect the dog. We all know that in more than 85 % snakebite cases the victims die not because of poison but of fear. If we are fearless we have confidence. More crime are reported from an area showing signs of fear. Criminals also know that when they strike no neighbour will come out because of fear and this emboldens them to commit more crime. In extortion cases rich people, scared inside, pay money to gangsters sitting abroad. Those who are feared are targeted more. The message that we will fight must go round.

3. ALERTNESS:- Alertness must be our motto and religion. Fearlessness does not mean complacency or lethargy. It means we have to keep our ears and eyes open, keep our physical fitness and mental alertness at a peak whether we are at home or in business outside. We should not take even a supposedly weak enemy lightly. Whenever we happen to spot suspicious person(s) walking or moving in vehicle; abandoned or parked vehicles for long, unclaimed items attractive or alluring – we must be concerned. We must inform others, nearby police station or phone up the Police Control room. For the sake of our own safety, safety of our fellow citizens or beloved city – let us be ready to devote some time, let us not mind facing some inconvenience.

4. SELF DEFENCE:- Police cannot be present everywhere. Though God is everywhere we cannot expect Him to give us protection if we ourselves are fearful and not alert.

Jamee par apni hifajat khud karo.
Khuda to yaro aasmano mei hai.
Meaning that friends! let us protect ourselves on earth as God lives in heavens only.

No doctor can keep us healthy if we do not follow the norms and rules of a healthy living. Our home and belongings must be secured as per our requirements. In self-defense we may go for an arms license if necessary. All the members of the public must know that they have the legal right to chase the criminals up to the extent of killing them in case of certain body offences and property offences.
Section 100 of Indian Penal Code gives the right of private defence of the body extending it to a voluntary causing of death or any other harm to the assailant especially in cases of grievous hurt, rape, kidnapping, abduction etc.
Similarly, Section 103 of the Indian Penal Code gives right to save property of the society to the extent of causing voluntary death or any other harm to the wrong doer for committing robbery, house breaking by night, mischief of fire etc.

5. UNITY:- Society does not mean the Housing Society where the atmosphere remains anonymous and we generally do not know each other. Society means unity, togetherness in pleasure and pain, in moments of happiness and sadness. Most of the crimes are committed in society because we are not united. Communal riots, cases of Bomb Blasts etc. have taken place because of society's split on the lines of caste and creed. It is in everyone's interest that we are one for building a fearless society.


  1. Hello sir,
    the way u shown for all of us regarding a fearless n self protecting society is very nice.Also d way u communicate with people via blog is also very good.

  2. Sir:

    Very well said that God and Police cannot be everywhere!

    As regards Unity, I am sure you mean "Unity in Diversity."

    I believe that the feeling of Unity should come from within. Individual differences will always exist.

    What is required to be defined, is the realisation of an aspect in all humans, that is not only common to all, but superior to the aspect that is causing all the differences.

    One need not search either earth or heaven. The common aspect is the Prana Shakti within us all. It is "that" which causes our breathing. It "that" which keeps us alive, even while we sleep or even while in coma! It is "that", which when leaves the body, causes its death.

    It is "that" which itself is indestructible. Let us all learn to commune this indestructible aspect in the Universe, so that, all individual differences will slowly melt.

    In short, the same air that all of us breathe without even thinking about it or thanking anyone for keeping us breathing and alive, is the base for generating inner brotherhood.

    All this is not idle or wishful thinking. It is based on proven Yoga Principles.

    The simple practice given below could be tried out by anyone to get astonishing results over varying periods of time:

    1. Sit in any comfortable position and relax the body to the maximum possible, as if the body is not there.

    2. Close the eyes with calmness and devotion. At soon as the eyes are closed, a wave of cosmic energy will rise up and up in the spinal column.

    3. Allow AUTOMATIC breathing to take place, i.e. let the Almighty do the breathing. You are only to follow the AUTOMATICALLY incoming and outgoing AIR.

    One is to sit this way daily for three minutes or more.

    Do try this practice. The results are to be experienced.

    Wishing for unity and brotherhood as envisaged by you.

    Anand Kulkarni

  3. Dear Sir..

    Really love to read your posts. It just gave me goosebumps :)

    Keep the good work up !


  4. Good one ... read article about your blogs in newspaper today and now your blog ... this would be much better to connect .... Good to see adv.. cop ... Now it will be easier for a common man to reach techie cop ... Thanks and keep posting ... we will like to read and reach you - Prashant V Dahibhate

  5. Mr Aanand Kulkarni

    Pl find another place to spread your petty knowledge. Go see a good GURU, coz you are one that seems to be mis-guided and too proud of your little found knowledge. Do not waste time of some one who can do without YOU. Thanks......Remember just names like Mahayoanand do not do you justice if you use such blogs to spread your KNOWLEDGE. Pl do justice to GOD.

  6. Excellent! I do agree. Incidentally, in this week, I have also posted a hindi blog having similar idea. title is "Nihatthe ka bal".