Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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  1. It is nice to talk on papers but corruption in the system is so deep rooted that high level officers are not even able to see them(or may be they see but just ignore!). i would tell you the incidence of today : we were caught by a policeman for tripling the bike in magarpatta IT Park. He asked to pay fine and we agreed and committed to not to do such mistake again. But as we were anticipating, he just procrastinated the issue. In the evening he asked us to come to police chauki(in a way indirectly he was trying to say-"give me some money and I will leave you"). Finally one of my friends gave up and we gave him Rs. 100 with no challan receipt back from him.
    I would suggest that like Karnataka police, helpline should be advertised extensively to get the grievances of public.