Tuesday, November 10, 2009


  1. Dear Commissioner of Police,
    Nice to read your blog. It's giving us a confidence to be safe with the Pune Police.

    Kushal Jirafe

  2. Dear Commissioner,

    Is there any way you could assist us with the noise menace which is very acute in our Wanawadi Area.


    Fakhri Motiwala

  3. Dear Mr. Commissioner
    We are residents of S No 13 & 13 / 3 , silver coin/ sai residency, and near by societies Dhayari

    We all members of nearby buildings, residences are really worried about law and order due to Nuisance created by the youths residing /gathering in limaye nagar,
    They put up songs on Loud Speakers without any reason or occasion on very high volumes till late night. If we object it may create threat to our family members and vehicles parked in our parking.
    There are very small children , Old people who are sometime ill or have medical complications due to this high noise.
    This people sit in open spaces (under construction buildings) behind the society and drink liquor/alcohol drinks which is worrying us for our family and social security. We cannot retaliate as it may threat our Lives.

    Please look into this urgently and ask your commando squad to keep vigil in this area at night after 10 pm

    Thanks and Regards
    Alert citizen

  4. Respected Sir,
    My self Jayesh thakur I am student of VIT college of Engg. and also Member of "MISSION MRITYUNJAYA". I am, herewith, a plan for the student and especially for the youngsters. This will comprises of the latest updates from the Pune Police on a webpage that will be updated by the Authority on your side. For the same regards I want to meet you if you kindly permit me the appointment.

  5. Dear Mr Commissioner,

    this is from a hassled resident in Kothrud area. Yesterday night from 12 am till 2, there was some "Devicha Gondhal" going on in our locality. I informed the 100 no thrice in a span of one hour. They kept rudely answering that they are not there to do time pass and they have passed the message to kothrud police station. I informed the kothrud police station too but no effect. At around 2, one police van passed the area but did not try to stop this thing. It stopped on its own after two logn hours. If we cannot rely on police for such small things, how can we trust them with our security?

  6. Dear Mr Satya,
    it was surprising to read your weblog , and its amazing to see that there is such knowledge and wisdom in Indian people and more beautiful to see that in the government ,
    im Iranian woman , studied in India for 3 years , but more than degree i got more knowledge about how to live spiritually which i'm always grateful for that , i learned yoga , meditate ,read bgavat Gita, krishna...etc which changed my life ,
    now im back in iran, i engaged to Australian citizen and for my visa they asked for PCC as i lived almost 3 years there , the India embassy in iran they said they cant do any help and i have to come India and apply personally , as this is not possible for me now , is there any help you could do for me ? can i apply for pcc trough mail ?and sending the necessarily document ?please help me and email me what should i do ? my email address is :
    thank u so much for your time and good luck with your beautiful weblog

  7. Dear Sir,
    There are several cases where police asks for bribe and if we ask them that we want to go through the legal procedure they threat us with the number of cases they will put against us.
    I want to complaint against such events but cant find any easy procedure to do so.

  8. I have something similar to like Mr.Mitesh, A Gujju, born and brought up in Maharashtra, Traffic Police and whole traffic department, i believe is a MESS..!!
    i have couple of examples where i had to deal with Traffic Police and experience was The Worst. More then Traffic Police their helpers and laborers who pick up motorcycle and bikes harass people more. they try to threaten by telling u lots of things.
    i still wanted to go legal way so i waited for on duty police men at Yerwada police station for 3 hours. After 3 hours when police men arrived he went to freshen up and took another 30 mins to come back to duty.
    after waiting for long time i asked for my bike and requested to prepare a receipt. Police men started asking me about Licence & PUC, i gave him immediately, then he asked for my bike papers, i gave him Xerox copies of bike papers, he demanded for Originals, i said sir i was just out for medicine and my bike papers are in office in my Sack, as its risky to keep originals in Bike.
    Policemen started talking RUBISH..!! like u educated people dont know the LAW, its law that u have to keep ur papers with u always, he started telling me that i will have to pay additional fine for 500 Rs/- for not carrying original papers. i quietly said ok.. i will pay the additional fine.. just prepare the proper receipt which says that this fine is for not carrying original papers, and i will pay the fine. Policemen stated getting mad at me and stated yelling to get lost and get the original bike papers. The kind of experience and treatment i got was Awful.
    i went to office collected my bike originals and also took a printout of list of Traffic Offences & Fees from Pune police website.

    Continue.. Read Second Post..

  9. i went back to police station and gave him original bike papers, told him to prepare a receipt. Again he started asking for total 700 Rs for No Parking and bike papers and towing and all. i told him politely that sir theres no Rule which states that not carrying Original papers is Offence. he again started yelling me that now you will teach me Law.. you will teach Law to a Policemen..!! and started swearing in Marathi.
    Our conversation started with hindi, looking at my license and surname he thought i dont know marathi, as i am Maharashtra from birth i have good control of Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati. i started debating in marathi that ok.. please make a receipt and i will pay the fine, whatever amount u put i am ready to pay, just make a receipt, if u put 7000 Rs instead of 700Rs thats also acceptable.. just make the receipt.
    Policemen told me in Marathi "Tula kasla Maaz aalay re?? tula kaai rules mahit aahe tuja kade kaai proof aahe ruls che? aat madhe takun deil tevha samjel" i said ok.. this is the proof and i showed him Printout from Pune Police Website. and requested him "aat madhe takat asel tar sanga, me family ani office la inform karto ki jaatoy jail madhe". Everyone around us were enjoying the debate between us.

    That policemen went inside other room and another policemen came out he prepared proper receipt of 150Rs. i paid the fine and came out.

    This is just one of the experience i had with traffic police.

    The fact is no one feels secure when they are around, no TRUSTS them, they are not even ready to give us legal information, sometimes when breaking traffic rule by mistake they tell us to go and wait at Police station to collect the License.

    Basic thing is directly/in-directly they try to make us feel that legal procedure is lengthy, u will suffer a lot, and theres no easy way out, so why dont u give us BRIBE..!!

    Just one sentence from us.. like "Soda na Saheb.. chuki ne zala" or "Jaau dya na Saheb.. kashal tras tumhala ani amhala pan.." and they will come directly on the amount they want.. like 100 de.. or 200 de.. and the bargaining starts...

    we cant even dare to ask for receipt or anything as we know more we talk more they will trouble us..

    dont know what to say.. this is just a frustration.. and even if we know what to do.. even if we are ready to help Police.. Police is Corrupted..

    -Citizen of Pune..

  10. Hello sir,
    I am Sunil R Yadav. I really dont know too much about you. But since You are our commissioner i would really like you to provide me opinion or help me on my issue.
    I am staying in Anand nagar Locality, Suncity Road.. Building : Star Garden A-wing and the youths standing down here are very inappropriate. I dont how to get out of it. I wish i cud fight them in some way But its no use since they will only be revengeful in future. I am studying for UPSC sir n so dont want any legal hassles in my way. Is there any way i can push off this problem ? Right now I have come to Bombay for exams. Pl help Sir. Am sorry to disturb you on your blog. I dint have any other go. Thank You.

    E-mail ID : sunilmeans_business@yahoo.co.in

  11. Hello Sir,

    This is Satish Jadhav from pune.

    Sir, I have done the complaint against builder in local police chowky, who is delaying for the construction of the Flat which Agreement was done between us in March 2007. The complaint was done by me on 15/05/2010 and till now the PSI who is incharge of the case has not taken the statement of the builder...since last 4 days he is just calling me on different different days...Sir I have a question...

    Is there anything like law or anything else in Pune Police Department which will stop this kind of Fraud Builders to cheat with peoples.

    Even I dont understand why the PSI is delaying to take statement and not talking with me properly.

    Please look into it :-(

    Satish Jadhav

  12. Traffic in Pune , is worsening day by day . Good work of broadening the road and making it a one- way route is really solving the problem .But changing the traffic signal on such squares over night does not make public aware of that . Traffic cops do wait exactly at the same modified signals and unaware public get fined . Is the proper way to make people learn about the change of signal ?


  13. Respected sir,
    I am really amazed after reading your blog for first time.glad to know that pune has a very learned person at a responsible position.

    I really dont know whether you will read my blog.If possible do read it.

    Sir I am a lady army officer residing in Kedari nagar ,wanowarie.Am really stressed to know about the bandh tommorow as am travelling with my 14 month son and old parents on the same day.

    The officials at AFMC(where I am doing PG) have refused to give a vehicle to civilian area.

    Sir please let me know how can I reach the station.My train is at 4pm.(I already spoke to so many auto drivers and none are ready to come)

    Sir,I will be evergratefull for your kind advice or help.

    Thanking you yours sincerely
    Capt. S

    (Apologies for the anonymity)

  14. Read about your transfer today. It is sad that you are transferred because of someone like Ramesh Bagawe. I am sure when we read such news we as citizen of India feel all the more helpless.